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Our events are on two main levels.

  1. In house designed: These are 100% concept developed and executed by SMA Limited.
  2. Client oriented : Our involvement for such is limited to a client’s need.

Some of our popular events include:

  • Kenyan Entrepreneur

kpng-2“Have an business idea? Well, write a business plan, create product, test & launch. Guess what? It doesn’t work like that. The entrepreneurship path isn’t an easy one. It’s filled up with lots of ups & downs, mostly downs, & ironically that is the beauty of entrepreneurship.” – Sebastian Ngida, Project lead; Kenyan Entrepreneur.

This thus goes without saying that very few business ideas get to see the light of day. Statistics have shown that 90% of startup ideas globally fail and there is a bunch of reasons this can be attributed to.

Entrepreneurship is about solving everyday problems. Creating products from the user’s point of view & the willingness to put in the work. It is not easy and only a few founders have been able to actualize their dreams.
This thus goes without saying that a platform is needed. One where ideas can be shared, one where partnerships & investments can be made. A platform where entrepreneurs can get to share, present their ideas and find solutions to the challenges they are facing. A platform that is specifically designed for startups and SMEs. A platform that helps them get to the next level or help other small businesses get to the next level.

At Kenyan Entrepreneur our mission is in connecting entrepreneurs. We believe that the path is similar for all entrepreneurs, regardless of their line of interest. We choose to be the link so needed.

  • Tatianna Bridal


We are among the leading bridal consortium platforms in Kenya with an intent to becoming the biggest bridal brand in East Africa.

Based in Kenya, Tatianna Bridal is the number one platform specifically designed to celebrate moments. Authentic Love moments and stories.

We do this via a number of platforms with the major one being the current number one bridal affair show in Kenya and East Africa as a whole, our bridal expo is dubbed Tatianna Bridal Affair.

Tatianna Bridal Affair is a high fashion bridal event designed to bring together brides and grooms-to-be for a day of fun, networking with wedding service providers and a general celebration of their love stories.

Our number priority is the Bride & Groom -to -be. logo

We ensure to give them value for their money by ensuring the venue is filled with top notch wedding suppliers, honeymoon destinations and lots of entertainment. The idea is to have them sample and make wise decisions concerning their big day.

We then crown this with an out of this world runway show that showcases spectacular designs from top notch designers in Kenya and beyond.

We work closely with top notch wedding service providers to ensure brides & grooms- to – be get to create and enjoy memorable moments. This has been a result of constantly studying the high fashion and bridal industries and thus crafting a product that without a doubt fills the gap of need.

Tatianna Bridal is here to stay, grow bigger and become the go-to platform for all matters bridal. We are keen on working closely with top Kenyan models with a plan to make this untapped talent recognized and treated with the respect and honor they deserve.

  • A Mother’s Love : This is a socio – educational product designed for moms, moms to be and new moms with babies who are one and a half years [ 1½ ]. The product has three main pillars. These are:


This is done with a major focus on:

  • Maternal health
  • Infant health
  • Baby massages
  • Nutrition
  • Infant circumcision
  • HIV & Aids
  • Immunization
  • Health Insurance

Child Care & Development: On this our focus is :

  • Psychological well being
  • House managers & care givers
  • Safety & First Aid
  • Child security and monitoring
  • Safe places to live and learn, with access to health care, adequate clothing, and nutritious food.
  • Social interactions and friendships

Investments: With this we majorly focus on:

Education & Insurance.

Our latest event is:

  • Nairobi Wine, Cake & Chocolate festival which is possibly Kenya’s and possibly East Africa’s Biggest Wine, cake and chocolate lovers community. Our first edition will be on the 26th of November at the EMELI Hotel